October 2023 Release

2.1.1 Python client release

Umbra SAR data over Port Melbourne. Click to open in Explorer.

Umbra SAR data over Port Melbourne. Click on the picture to open in Explorer.

Python client updates

We have released v2.1.1 of the descarteslabs Python client. Following our lifecycle policy, descarteslabs Python client versions v1.11.0 and earlier are no longer supported. They may cease to work with the Platform at any time. Please update to the latest to ensure a reliable experience!

Batch Compute

Breaking change: Beginning in minor version 2.1, base Batch Compute images have been slimmed down to include a smaller set of base requirements. If you are using TensorFlow, SciKit Learn, PyTorch, or other packages that were removed, you will need to supply them in the requirements keyword argument when you create a Function. This change was made to significantly reduce Function build time and Job startup time for most cases. For more information on which packages are included, check out the Choosing Your Environment section of the Batch Compute guide (make sure you select version 2.1.1 in the Client Release dropdown at the top of the screen).

Breaking change: The status values for Function and Job objects have changed, to provide a better experience managing the flow of jobs. Please see the Life Cycle section of the Batch Compute guide for a full explanation.

Job results and logs are now integrated with Catalog Storage. The new ComputeResult class can be used to wrap results from a Function, allowing the user to specify additional attributes for the result which will be stored in the Catalog Blob metadata of the result. This allows the function to specify properties such as geometry, description, expires and extra_properties for the result Blob. The use of ComputeResult is not required but can be used to streamline common patterns.

We made a variety of additional user experience improvements, including:

  • Pending Jobs can be canceled

  • Jobs can now be tagged and searched based on those tags

  • Function and Job objects can now be filtered by class attributes like status

  • Updates to Function.map to support more general iterators and mappings, allowing for a more functional programming style

  • Richer functionality when waiting for Function completion and handling Jobs as they are completed


The Blob class now has a get_data method to retrieve data without first fetching the blob's metadata.

Platform Rate Limits

We are pleased to announce that we have doubled rate limits for most interactions with the Catalog, including uploading data, searching, and retrieving rasterized imagery. We also made updates to better accommodate short bursts of intensive requests. For more information on rate limits, see the Quotas & Limits guide (make sure you select version 2.1.1 in the Client Release dropdown at the top of the screen).

Interface Updates


The Catalog band metadata pane now shows all band metadata, including applicable processing levels and data and visualization ranges.


Workbench and the preinstalled example notebooks will soon be updated with the option to use v2.1.1 of the descarteslabs Python client.

Data Updates

Umbra GEC

Following Umbra’s release of sample GEC data through the Open Data Program, we have indexed 1600 (and counting!) images in the Catalog. Check it out here: https://app.descarteslabs.com/explorer?id=descarteslabs:f6e54e77-d079-4f83-ab73-6814c67c0b26