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Descartes Labs Enterprise Accelerator

Welcome, we’re glad you’re here. The Enterprise Accelerator (EA) gives you access to Descartes Labs (DL) APIs and tools for scaling  your analytics and data pipelines. As you get started using the Enterprise Accelerator, we would like to point you towards some helpful resources . From documentation and example code to personalized support, we’re here to help.

Enterprise Accelerator coming soon to Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Onboarding & Getting Started

Create an Account

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to create a DL account to use our software. Then, one of our team members can grant you access to the Platform.

To create an account:

NOTE: You will not be able to run code until you are provisioned via our Customer Service Desk.  

Onboarding Session Scheduling

You can  set up a time for an onboarding or check-in session with the Descartes Labs Customer Success Team. During your session, we will provide an overview of using the Descartes Labs Enterprise Accelerator, answer any initial questions you may have, and ensure you have what you need to be successful.

Next Steps

Technical Resources

Enterprise Accelerator (EA) Resources include API documentation, Quickstart guides and Notebooks to help get you up and running.

When you’re ready to deploy your pipelines at scale you can request a service account by reaching out to support@descarteslabs.com


Feel free to contact our Support Team at any time.