Important Steps for Managing Your Workbench Files

As we are making the final transition to the DL Platform on AWS, we would like to guide you through some essential steps to ensure the smooth management of your Workbench files. Choose an option below to complete your transition.


If you have missed the deadline (August 31, 2023), please reach out to for assistance. There is a 30 day grace period where we will be able to assist in the retrieval of your Workbench files. Please contact us soon.

Option 1 - You've got this!

Please complete this action by August 31, 2023. You have the ability to manually download your Workbench files to your computer and then re-upload them once you have access to the Platform on AWS.

  1. Navigate to and start your server if it's not already running.
  2. Right-click on a file you want to download, and click "Download". This will download the file to your computer.
    Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 12.46.31 PM
  3. Navigate to and start your server if it's not already running.
  4. Drag the downloaded file into the File Browser pane on the left of the screen, or click the "Upload" button to select one or more files from your computer.
    Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 12.47.19 PM

Option 2 - Let's work together!

We are here to help you complete this task by August 31, 2023. Our team is available to assist you in zipping up your Workbench files and transferring them to Storage. Once your files are securely stored, Descartes Labs will handle the migration to the updated Platform on AWS. Afterward, you can easily download your transferred files from Storage on AWS.

1. In a new notebook on, use the following code to zip up all the contents of your Workbench and save to GCP Storage. Be aware that the first cell can take a while!

# compress Workbench files into a single .zip file
!zip -r /home/jovyan -x "*/.*"
# upload .zip file to Storage
import descarteslabs as dl
storage = dl.Storage()
storage.set_file("workbench_files", "/home/jovyan/")

NOTE: Descartes Labs will move your files from GCP Storage to AWS and alert you when your files are ready on AWS.

2. In a new notebook on, use the following code to retrieve and unzip the contents of your old Workbench from AWS Storage.

# get .zip file from storage
from descarteslabs.catalog import Blob

blob = Blob.get(name="workbench_files")"")
# unzip and expand the files into a new directory, "workbench_files"
!unzip -d workbench_files

You can validate that your files have been transferred correctly by listing the contents of the directory, or by checking in the File Browser pane on the left.

!ls -l workbench_files/

What happens if I miss the deadline of August 31, 2023?

If you happen to miss the August 31st deadline, please reach out to our dedicated Support Team immediately. We understand the urgency of transferring your Workbench files to the new Platform on AWS, so please send us an email at Rest assured, we will collaborate closely with you to ensure a smooth and successful transfer process. (But please act quickly, as we can only retain those files for a limited period of time.)

Need Help? Please contact